Photographer's Bio

  Sandra Burnett has loved horses since she began to walk. When she was a young teenager, her mother decided to purchase the first horse which the family shared!

  Later, Sandra decided it was time she owned "her own" horse. In the 60's she had a newspaper route, washed cars, worked in a grocery store and baby sat in order to earn the money to purchase "Ocra K," her own Outer Bank horse from the island of Ocracoke!

  When Sandra had to leave for school in England, "Ocra K" was sold. Some years later she returned and purchased a wonderful Tennessee Walker named Stormy, who is still retired on her farm in North Carolina. Of course, as many of us do, Sanrda has increased her herd since then. She adores her Passo Finos which reside with her in New Mexico.

  Sandra originally started her photography business in college in 1971 and has enjoyed the art of photography since then. In 1976, she decided to explore the corporate world yet always keeping her horse(s) as her priority.

  During the last 30 years Sandra created and continues to operate a successful catering business, with the help her sister, in North Carolina where she was born.

  In 2005, Sandra decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, explore the South West and live more days on horseback. The Spirit Horse developed through her passion of photographing both souls, the spirit of the person with their beloved pet.

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